Sound Design, Music and Interactive Audio

Interactive Music for Games


I have always been a huge gamer, and I love the idea of composing music and creating a system that plays it back dynamically depending on the actions of the player.

To create my own piece of interactive music, I began by composing and recording with a variety of instruments in a way that would allow the various components to be arranged in a random order and still make sense musically. Once the music was finished I split it into three tracks: Backing, Melody and Rhythm, and cut these tracks into sections. These were imported into Fmod Studio, an audio middleware engine for video games, and arranged into a format that meant the music could be played back dynamically using in-game parameters.

I used several techniques to make the music more interesting such as random sequencing of components (such as harmonica and guitar solos) to make the music less repetitive. Also, I used the time parameter (signifying the amount of time spent in one section of a game) to control effects such as EQ and Reverb. Finally, using the scatter feature (prominent around 4:00) to randomly play back small guitar samples meant that a player stuck on a section of a game wouldn’t become irritated by repetitive music. A recording taken from the system is below if you’d like to listen, but I am hoping to make a video so you can see it in action!

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